An Art Director, Designer, Animator & Editor But Not in That Order

NMEDA Conference Campaign

My Role: Art/Creative Direction, Design & Photography 

The Job: NMEDA is an organization that represents car dealerships that sell and work in the community that supports cars for the mobility challenged.  They hold a conference every year that gets together dealers, car companies, inventors and more. This campaign was to get their members excited about the event in Daytona. The team came up with the idea to build a mini set about the size of a pool table with a mini-conference center and beach to show the possible fun at the conference this year and to feature mini cars. I created the mini-set as well as took the photographs and designed the marketing tools.


Daytona Beach Mini


Postcard Cards

The post cards that were sent by mail to members of NMEDA

Postcard 1 Front

Postcard 1 Back

Postcard 2 Front

Postcard 2 Back

Email Blast Design and Header Images

And example of the email blast we sent out with the headers I designed and art directed.

Email Campaign Template Design

Email Header Auction

Email Header Learning

Email Header Networking

Email Header Keynote speaker

extra mini set photography